Nepal has a mix of elements that make it an unforgettable place for running. To explore it all, visit various websites of organisers and organisations for trail-runners, local sports organisations, trekking agents and expats’ forum. Nepal’s trails lend themselves to trail-running, whether it is for a day’s exercise or a multi-day or long-distance running. About 80–85% of the trails are away from roads, in forests, and away from habitation, yet with a proliferation of tea stalls.

The Kathmandu Rim run is both a competition and a running route, and a bike route about 100 km. The route is not very well marked – so even for doing segments of it, make sure you have a clear description and a map, or GPS.

The Annapurna Circuit is recommended by insiders as a fantastic running route, with good services, frequent stopping points and watering holes along the trail.

The Great Himalayan Trail, in particular the Cultural Route, is also suggested for running. Some segments are better than others in terms of starts and ends and facilities en route.

Thulo Sirubari in Sidhupalchowk is a village area that was destroyed twice: by aerial bombardment during the 1996–2006 insurgency and again by the 2015 earthquake. Local runners and authorities have established a marked 29 km running route that has now become an annual competition event.

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