Extreme Sports in Nepal

  • 18, February
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Nepal is famous for trail-running events: the Everest Marathon http://everestmarathon.com and trail running in Mustang: https://mustangtrailrace.com/ and Annapurna https:// annapurna100.com/. For other scheduled races and running, see trail-running schedules: http:// trailrunningnepal.org/. Bungee jumping is available in the Bhote Kosi Canyon about 15 km south of Tatopani on the Tibetan border. In Pokhara, you can bungee jump into the Seti Khola Gorge. See: www.nepaltourism.info/ nepalbunjeejumping/index and the last resort: https://www.thelastresort.com.np/bungy-nepal/

Canyoning can be done in the Sundhulpalchowk District, between Barhabise and Tatopani on the road to Tibet. In Pokhara, Lwang Ghale is the best site for a one-day canyoning. There is a big waterfall in this canyon as well. The Jalbire Canyon at Kabilas, near the confluence of the Seti and Trishuli Rivers south of the Mugling and Chitwan Districts, offers an extensive canyoing, natural waters and nature. A visit here with professionals can be combined with a visit to Chitwan National Park. Search ‘canyoing in Nepal’ on the Internet.

High ropes, rope skill adventures and courses, can be done in the Gokarna Forest in Kathmandu, and 15 km south of Tatopani on the Arniko Highway.

Paragliding, solo and tandem, can be done in Pokhara, from the paragliding centre at Sarangkot. Bandipur in Tanahun is also a good place for paragliding. Paratrekking and parahawking are also available. Near Pokhara, there is a 600 m drop-zipline from the top of Sarangkot Hill down to Phewa Tal. See: www. paragliding-nepal.com/

Cave exploration can be done in Mansjuree Park and Cave near Dakshinkali, and at Chobar Gorge along the Bagmati River at the southern end of the Kathmandu Valley. This is probably the longest cave in South Asia (3,250 m) – about 350 m can be visited with local guides. There are five openings to the cave, the largest one at Bagh Gohpha. Lamps are provided by the guides.

The largest, most cavernous of all caves in Nepal is the Siddha Gufa in the Tanahun District, at Bimal Nagar near Bandipur between Pokhara and Kathmandu. It is thought to be the largest cave in South Asia, and its innards are yet to be explored.

One rappel drop is 70 m free hanging. A few tour operators organise fully equipped visits to this cave with a programme according to skills and dare. Siddha Gufa is a local pilgrimage site, with a pool, stalactites and stalagmites as objects of worship. Search ‘cave explorations in Nepal’ on the Internet.

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